Medical Biofeedback Association
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We are a private membership, tax exempt, nonprofit education association for properly licensed medical professionals providing alternative, holistic, integrative and natural healthcare. We also serve complementary medical professionals who include an alternative, holistic, integrative and/or natural approach to their profession.

We are offering our services to you at greatly reduced, break-even prices because Americans and Canadians drastically need the kind of healthcare alternative, holistic, integrative and natural medical professionals provide.

Because we're nonprofit and because we have several volunteers to help you, we can offer you many benefits for a lot less than you would otherwise pay. Please check us out. We believe you'll find that joining us makes sense:

1. Educationally,

2. Financially,

3. Personally, and

4. Professionally.

Four Membership Options


1. Alternative, holistic, integrative and/or natural medical doctors, dentists, osteopaths, homeopathic and naturopathic MDs

2. Alternative, holistic, integrative and/or natural chiropractors, veterinarians, psychotherapists and psychologists

3. Alternative, holistic, integrative and/or natural nurse practitioners, podiatrists, counselors and nutritionists

4. Alternative, holistic, integrative and/or natural registered nurses and all other licensed health care professionals


Your Membership Benefits are:

Membership includes your own personal private association to:

1. Legally reduce your tax liability inside your association

2. Legally eliminate the need for malpractice insurance inside your association

3. Legally avoid government and license board harassment inside your association

4. Legally empower your member clients to make their own decisions
regarding their health, nutrition, therapies and wellness for themselves
and their family, dependents and pets

5. You and your employees/contracted services personnel also receive

Complete Description of Membership Benefits


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